Hole By Hole is being updated!

Hole By Hole has been online since the fall of 1997, and it's been a lot of fun.

In early 1998, I updated and upgraded the website significantly, to include The Virtual Golf Bookstore, The Golf Columns, and the Handicap Stroke Allocation Service. 

The look and feel of Hole By Hole hasn't changed all that much since 1998. I've gone through a few PCs, and changed web hosts, but otherwise haven't altered the site's appearance to its thousands of readers.

Until now.

Thanks to a motherboard frying incident, (fortunately not involving a loss of the hard drive), I replaced my PC with a Mac equivalent. This change meant that I also had to leave the comforting embrace of my long-used FrontPage web creation software. To some extent this was inevitable, since FrontPage itself is a bit of an extinct dinosaur in its field. 

For now, I am using Sandvox, from the folks at Karellia Software, in an open experiment with how this site will look and operate. 

The plan is to maintain easy access to the hundreds of golf book reviews and hundreds of golf columns previously published here, along with all the other stuff. 

Most of these pages are static, and will look just like they always have. The new pages, including the columns and book reviews since early November 2010, will adopt the new design. 

I appreciate your patience as I implement the changes to Hole By Hole, and would also appreciate your feedback about the site and the new look. 

Thanks again for stopping by!

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